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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Product, love it!

Accordion Book, originally uploaded (flickr) by Aldo Risolvo.

I had the privilege to shoot cute little Sophia a couple weeks ago to which we had a great time. A new product was released recently so I decided to try it out and include it in their package. The client and I picked the photos to include in the book and I designed the pages. I was looking forward to seeing it because I heard nothing but good things about it. I walked in today(6/08/2010) and saw the shipping box and my eyes lit up. My wife came up to me with the two books in hand, one for me and one for the client, and I loved them. They look great!!
I'll definitely be ordering them again.

— Aldo

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunrise Out the South Window

It's one of my favorite times of the day. The morning. The first thing I do every morning, beside look and see what time it is... is look out my window. It's not the best view by any means but it tells me what the day is going to be like. I look out the east window, then the south window. Both long horizontal windows and both on my tippy toes. I live in a dense suburban area so I mostly see the neighbors house and their backyard out the south window and my, on the bigger side, backyard. Sometimes I run and get my camera. This morning was one of those times. The neighbors yard has a an old gray shed with a couple trees behind it from his south neighbor which tends to frame things nicely with its lean to the left. One of my favorite scenes is a well lit landscape with a dark dark sky. Its makes me want to throw a BIG background behind everything. Well this morning was one of those times. I ran downstair and grabbed the 5dmk2 and slapped on the new 50mm 1.4. Why that lens? I wanna test it out some more plus anything wide would have show the house and other eyesores. (so far great btw, should have bought it years ago) I wanted to jump into my car and drive somewhere but by the last shutter the blue skies started peaking thru. This type of scene makes me think of an exotic location with big views, something like New Zealand, not that I've been there... One day? Probably not! Just keepin' it real yo! I love the, almost, horizontal fallings of the shadows, the very well lit, unboring, almost orange, main light. If the drama this sky creates makes me jump up, I couldnt imagine what I would feel with a real landscape.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Just Snow?

Snow? Is anything just something? Doesnt it always bring certain memories or feelings?

What does snow mean to me? (this year)

About 7 months ago we realized a couple things. One we're having a baby and two this baby will come on christmas, the official due date. Then we realized that the baby will come around the same time we get what? Our first snow fall. Well, here we are, the snow is here. The, not ours, christmas lights have been put up. The shopping has begun, the eggnog is being sold (brandy anyone?), the winter coats have been put on, the shovel is out of the shed. So when is he coming?!?! We our anticipting this little guy like nothing else we been thru. We wanna meet him. Wanna see what his face looks like, want to eat his toes, put that cute outfit on that has the dinosaur hoodie, that tax deduction(grin), put that chicago bears jersey on, that blackhawks sweater.

Come on already, stop teasing us and just come out!

This morning I took
these pictures of the first snow. The whole time i thought of this. That this means he is SO close to being here. What is going to happen? How will things change? What will changing my first diaper feel like?
How much more can I love this new human being that I havent even met

Think about what memories you have of snow...
— Aldo Risolvo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poldek Family

There arent many reasons I like to miss the Bears play but Im glad they made it worth it! Meghan, Kirk, Katie and Tommy. A great little family. They show us a fun time and we got some great pictures to boot! A quick story then on to the images...
We started off shooting Katie in her Halloween Cinderella outfit in her bedroom. She was full of energy. We shot a bunch of frames then mom and dad left the room so that Katie would focus on me instead of looking at them. So, click, click, we're shooting, then all of a sudden Katie starts running towards the door and I immediately thought she'd called it quits. Nope! What does she do? She closes the door and gets right back in cinderella model mode! It was pretty amusing! Thanks for the story Katie! We took some pictures of cute little Tommy, a few family shots and even Kirk got into model mode for some headshots for his dentistry practice, look at those teeth!